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Woo-Woo is an affectionate term for all that lies beyond the 5 human senses and the human mind-body complex, whether you call it the metaphysical, spiritual, invisible, paranormal, supernatural, divine, eternal, infinite, gestalt, or… did I miss anything?

Of course “woo-woo” was originally put in use in a derogatory way by those who are solely focused on and in narrow perceptions of physicality. Co-opting negative terms is fun. We can redefine words if we want to!

FUN FACT: “Pitching the Woo,” the name of this blog, is actually a triple entendre (3 meanings):

  1. Pitching as in promoting certain woo-woo

  2. Pitching as in tossing certain woo-woo by the wayside

  3. Pitching the woo, as in the old time-y expression “pitch the woo” which means to court, flirt, love (for example, listen to this wonderful Ella Fitzgerald rendition of “It’s Too Darn Hot”). “Pitch the woo” can be reinterpreted here to imply courting or flirting with ideas rather than people… or to send out love to humanity as a whole.

My name is Debbianne, by the way, and I’ve written several woo-woo books, in case you’re interested. My favorite is the very first one, a humorous memoir called “What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation.”

As a character in this Earth Game, I am intrinsically a truther or truth-seeker, and I value FREEDOM above all else, in this life or any other. The 3D Earth world we inhabit is fraught with fuckery and fakery, and I’m not going to mince words or sugar-coat what I see. With regard to the woo-woo, I’m keenly interested in pursuing the truth of ALL the interlacing dimensions, not just this one, because there is obviously a bigger picture beyond dense limited physicality. I’ve experienced many things beyond it, and will share with you these experiences and perceptions.

There are tons of people doing truthing about 3D current events and politics, and hooray for them! My writing is always going to be woo-woo flavored. Expanding beyond the physical, if only by thinking about it, helps us cope with the hardships here. Not in a religious way, but in a remember-who-and-what-we-really-are kind of way.

Thank you for reading. My goal is to give voice to those people with similar sensibilities who may be scattered around the globe, and let them know they are not alone. And perhaps to serve as a hand up to those on nearby rungs of the truth ladder.

On with the multi-dimensional truthing-sleuthing!

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Debbianne is a writer, mentor, artist, keen observer of reality and old-soul connector of dots.