Debbianne DeRose is a writer and personal mentor. Her work has centered around “woo-woo” ideas, meaning… all that is beyond the 5 senses, metaphysical, spiritual, invisible, paranormal, supernatural, abstract, etc. But also, as a former engineer, she maintains critical thinking and logic (or tries to) along with a healthy dose of humor.

“Pitching the Woo” is actually a triple entendre (3 meanings):

  1. Pitching as in promoting woo-woo

  2. Pitching as in throwing away woo-woo

  3. Pitching the woo, as in the old timey expression which means to court, flirt, love—here it is reinterpreted to apply to courting ideas and flirting with beliefs and concepts.

It’s in the very nature of woo-woo that we cannot know for sure, pragmatically. We know what we experience, sure, but even then we sometimes have to question our perception of it all. This 3-meaning woo journey is all about staying open minded, exploring ideas objectively, and of course also wanting to have faith and optimism (but not at the cost of hopium and cultishness).

I hope you will join me on this exploratory journey. My own back story may be of interest to you, especially if you are (or used to be) very much into the Law of Attraction and manifestation teachings. I invite you to read it here.

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"Pitching the Woo" is a blog written by author and personal mentor Debbianne DeRose.


Debbianne DeRose

Debbianne is a truth seeker, a fan of logic and critical thinking... and is also well-versed in the "woo-woo" of metaphysics. Join her on the discernment journey! [P.S. "Pitching the Woo" is a triple entendre.]